Getting Gamers

5 - Types of Video Games

January 11, 2021 Juke & Perf Season 1 Episode 5
5 - Types of Video Games
Getting Gamers
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Getting Gamers
5 - Types of Video Games
Jan 11, 2021 Season 1 Episode 5
Juke & Perf

Some people close to you can see you play different games but never seem to understand what’s happening? Maybe this could help you! In this episode, Juke, Perf, Divi and Nailter address the main types of games played by millions across the world.

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Show Notes Transcript

Some people close to you can see you play different games but never seem to understand what’s happening? Maybe this could help you! In this episode, Juke, Perf, Divi and Nailter address the main types of games played by millions across the world.

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Juke  0:00  
Hello humans and welcome to Getting Gamers: your guide to understanding the gamers in your life. I am Juke my pronouns are they them. And today we are talking about different types of games and once again by my side to guide me through this complicated conversation of things I don't know. We have Perf

Perf  0:22  
Hi my pronouns are he him again.

Juke  0:29  
we have Nailter

Nailter  0:30  
 Hello, mine are still he and him

Juke  0:33  
and Divi.

Divi  0:34  
Hey, my pronouns are he him.

Juke  0:52  
So before we get into it, if you guys wanted to know about these guys gamertags you can go listen to our past episodes on friendships and gaming, and on episode two for perf but in the meantime, what have you guys been playing recently?

Unknown Speaker  1:08  
Heroes of the Storm for sure. Which is a Moba. Which is a

Divi  1:20  
multiplayer online battle arena,

Nailter  1:22  
I've been playing a little bit of heroes with them. But I've been spamming the League of Legends and the World of Warcraft right now.

Juke  1:30  
Okay, so League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Are they also a MOBA? 

Nailter  1:34  
No. League of Legends is a MOBA.

Juke  1:36  

Nailter  1:36  
like the biggest one with Dota in the world. and World of Warcraft is an RPG. So a  massive multiplayer online role playing game? 

Juke  1:51  
K, so world of warcraft is like... what was it in high school? Runescape is an MMO RPG. Yeah, okay. Yes, I'm catching on. Yeah, so you've been in and out of heroes because when I met you, you were part of like the heroes thing group that competition but then at some point recently I was hearing them talk about how they were like oh yeah, Nailter's been playing again. So you've been like in and out of HOTS I see.

Nailter  2:21  
Yeah, one of my friend wanted to reach diamond in league of legends which is pretty good. And I wanted to play the game again. So I just got back into it, switched my position I used to be a support player now playing it at top lanes and I love it so I'm playing a lot of League of Legends right now

Juke  2:39  
and when you stopped Was it because of the whole thing with Heroes of the Storm getting funding and like the whole competitive scene dying? 

Nailter  2:45  
oh no no no

Juke  2:46  
You just tired?

Nailter  2:47  

Juke  2:48  
makes sense. I get that

Perf  2:50  
I guess we can explain quickly what Nailter just mentioned  he wants to reach Diamond. Diamond is part of a ranking system. And he's a very often the same system in many games Let it be mobile or even just a card game. It goes from bronze being the lowest rank after bronze we have silver and then gold then platinum. And then we've got the diamond and in the end we got master and Grand Master

Juke  3:20  
is that that type of thing when you have like Grand Master you can't play with... because like you guys created Smurfs recently because you couldn't play with people.  Is that because when you're a certain level you can't play with people that are lower level than you

Nailter  3:39  
Yeah, when you're too high up in the divisions, you need to like create Smurfs to play with people that are lower.

Divi  3:47  
A Smurf is literally creating a new account from zero. So you start dealing like you were a new player, but you are, in fact, not a new player. So you climb back close to the level you were but lower, so you can play with your friend.

Juke  4:01  
Yeah. So like if Perf wants to play with me at Heroes of the Storm has to play with the Smurf.

Perf  4:07  
That's right. So it's mainly to access other players you can't play with or just if you want a fresh start. I know there's a lot of people that are against smurfs

Juke  4:19  
Yeah, I heard that.

Perf  4:20  
It's unbalancing the matchmaking system, but I guess we could talk about it. In another episode. 

Juke  4:28  
Yeah, I'm sure it's gonna be controversial. And people might have opinions but write to us if you have opinions @gettinggamers, but I guess for now, we can go to just all the types of games because whenever your gamer talks to you about what he's playing, you still don't understand the words that come out of his mouth. So that's what we're here for. So we mentioned already MOBA and MMO RPG, multiplayer online battle arena is that what Oh my god what's it called? The new hip game that like all the teenagers love and all the older gamers are rolling their eyes at?

in unison  5:07  

Juke  5:08  
Yes! I knew you guys would get it

Divi  5:11  
this is another kind og game, it's a battle royale

Juke  5:14  
okay because I knew that the word battle was in it but it's a battle royale it's not a battle arena was the difference  battle arena versus a battle royale

Divi  5:22  
Battle Arena like a MOBA, you get three lanes and on those lanes you get neutral minions that spawns at a specific time and on those lanes you have two teams from each side of the map and five player on each team, so a total of 10 players and you need to distribute the players and their role on those lanes to be the most effective as possible. 

Juke  5:57  
so a moba is always like a specific amount of lanes general a specific amount of players i'm imagining

Divi  6:04  
it's fixed it's always three lane with some exceptions and ten players. and you get neutral enemies on each lane that spawns and also in between the lanes we call them camps and if you can concur a camp you get certain buffs and buffs is an increase of your hero capabilities or things like that. So it's a really strategic game on timers when to do specific objective, how to do it, how many persons will do it, and the goal is to destroy the enemy base. And Battle Arena..

Juke  6:42  
ok for battle arena, I feel like I might get it right so I kind of want the credit for it :P there's like zones there's a map and then the zones in the map and then at some point some zones become like if you stay there you die and then eventually there's only like one zone left because after a certain amount of time all the other zones are like deadly

Nailter  7:05  
it's more like like there's a circle that gets smaller and smaller, you drop on an island there's a circle and just shrinks

Juke  7:16  
okay yeah

Nailter  7:17  
it's last man standing

Divi  7:19  
And you start with no items nothing. you get your your fists and  when you land on the island you need to find weapons and increase your power like that and when you kill somebody you can loot what they got

Juke  7:43  
oh you don't revive when you die

Nailter  7:47  
if I can add something to the MOBA I was watching actually a video about every type of games and moba is like five guys fighting against each other trying to win against five other guys are fighting against each other because you know when you're playing a MOBA your teamates are dumb except yourself so if you're the support you're good but your team is garbage but if you carry your support this garbage your team is missing and that's a MOBA

Divi  8:29  
in MOBAs you got specific roles you got support. the support is gonna help heal his allies, but he does a very low amount of damage. So he can heal he can make sheilds, spells and increase movement speed etc. everything that will help his allies. you got Carry, a carry is the damage dealer is the one that's going to make the kills and reduce hp. He is really really what we call squishy, it's a term for weak, he dies fast.

Juke  9:09  
what's the point of being squishy weak and being the carry?

Divi  9:14  
because it's always a trade off. you cannot be tanky like very strong and doing damage and you cannot have everything.  the game is balanced like that. So if you want to do damage you will have other weaknesses.

Juke  9:28  
I know perf plays Paladin a lot because he is a paladin

Nailter  9:33  
so pure

Juke  9:37  
is Paladin tank? because I remember Paladin being explained to me as a mix of tank and heal.

Nailter  9:46  

Perf  9:47  
it's a tanky version of a support role.

Juke  9:50  

Perf  9:51  
And yeah, tank is the one that's gonna protect his allies. With his own body, Body blocking. it's the role that can block the most damage just by being there.

Divi  10:07  
so we get tank support and carry and we got ... we call it mage, mage is a kind of carry  but with different set of skills. The carry usually uses his auto attack, his basic attack to deal damage and the mage will use spells to deal damage area of effect, big damage area of effect, but it's a burst of damage. It's not constant like the carry. So la subcategory of carry.

Juke  10:44  
there's gonna be a lot of things going into the glossary with this episode! so if you guys are like oh my god, I'm losing track. has a glossary that I have updated by the time this episode goes up. Okay, so.. So far, we talked about MMO RPGS. We talked about MOBA, we talked about Battle Royale there's another really popular game. That's a battle royale right now. is Apex Battle Royale?

Nailter  11:11  
 Yeah, yeah.

Juke  11:11  
 Oh, I'm so good.

Nailter  11:14  
There's also a call of duty Warzone.

Juke  11:16  

Nailter  11:17  
 it's Call of Duty, but battle royale

Perf  11:20  
is pub g still alive.

Nailter  11:22  
pub G is pretty much dead. It's only like Warzone and  Apex legends.

Juke  11:35  
But is there a game called battle royal?

Nailter  11:38  
There's a movie called Battle Roayle.

Perf  11:42  
And It's exactly the same thing. 

Nailter  11:45  
That's where Hunger Games come from. 

Juke  11:48  
Omg that makes so much sense.

Perf  11:50  
yeah, hunger game is a battle royal

Juke  11:58  
Whoa, that makes so much sense. Yeah. Yo, that's crazy. That's pretty cool. Okay, let's talk about other types of games. I have on my list here. And I think this one I know only because we've talked about it before, RTS is real time strategy. And a game like that would be Warcraft three. Starcraft.

Divi  12:20  
Those are the two biggest games I would say.

Nailter  12:23  
have you heard of Age of Empires.

Juke  12:24  
I've heard of Age of Empires.

Nailter  12:26  
Thank you.

Perf  12:27  
It's still very much alive.

Juke  12:31  
That's the type of thing that like you build your army. You have a lot of heroes or you can have several heroes like several main character, okay. 

Divi  12:42  
basically you build from scratch, you gather resources, and you build a base and an army to conquer the other players.

Juke  12:49  
Yeah, and when you build an army, you have to like choose types of minions

Divi  12:54  
and you can upgrade them with research, research that cost resources as well. 

Juke  13:03  
Okay, and is that like the other one where there's like a typically the map is like a specific amount of lanes or it's more open?

Divi  13:36  
It's more open

Juke  13:37  
Yeah, cuz the ones we've seen on Warcraft when grubby plays it's often like different types of maps

Perf  13:43  
on Warcraft. It's, it's open, but it's generally just like in Starcraft. It's more straightforward. If we're looking at the expansion in the way the game is going to develop. I haven't seen that much age of empire real gameplay with pros and competitions. So I don't know

Divi  14:03  
maybe it's a thing but it's more casual game you play with friends and everything. Starcraft and Warcraft, are more on the competitive scene with money prizes.

Juke  14:14  
Have you guys checked, like Age of Empires streamer?

Perf  14:17  
Yeah, at the peak. There can be at least around 10,000 viewers at a time. I'm just not good enough. Yeah, I'm playing with Zik and we are currently trying to be able to beat hard bots.

Juke  14:56  
That's still something

Perf  14:58  
It's fun for casual moments.

Juke  14:59  
So I remember you guys saying RTS is like the most competitive game.

Divi  15:08  
Because it's one vs one. It's like a real duel because MOBAs or Battle Royale, it's in teams, so you're relying on your allies. They're not good. It's not really a lose or win depending. It's another subject. But in those games, it's all in one. So if you lose, it's your fault. It's realtime strategy. So you can never be perfect. You will make mistakes. You'll make your wrong timings, mistakes, and everything. So when you win, you win when, you lose, you lose. That's the reason I would say it's the most competitive game.

Juke  15:45  
Yeah, because you can't blame it on your team.

Divi  15:47  
Yeah, exactly. 

Nailter  15:48  
RTS tend to have their higher cap compared to MOBAs and stuff.

Perf  15:53  
Yeah, that's the difference. I would like to underline I don't think it's more competitive, but it's definitely more complex.  In RTS. Yes. I believe it to be the hardinst kind of game to master. There's so many routes of knowledge to have counter plays and timings to respect to be on top of your game. There's still a bit in MOBAs, too, but there's not the teammates factor.

Nailter  16:26  

Perf  16:28  
let's keep it at that.

Juke  16:31  
We have seen in friendships in gaming episode that was it like a 60% of people were playing with friends.

Perf  16:40  
It was higher than that it was close to 80%.

Juke  16:43  
So some teams...

Divi  16:44  
Still sometimes even your friends, they play Azmodan.. (everyone stares at Nailter an laughs)

Juke  17:08  
You know, one day I'll come and I'll play with you guys. And I'll play Azmodan. And that way they will never get mad at you for being the worst Azmodan player

Divi  17:18  
Azmodan is a character from Hots. Heroes of The storm is a game made by Blizzard. And in that game there are characters from all their other games.  from Diablo universe from Starcraft universe from Warcraft universe as well and even Overwatch. So it's a melting pot of all those Yeah,

Juke  17:51  
yeah, that's an episode I would like to do someday is like about like the universes because like, I know me I like musicals. Right? So like the Disney universe and a Pixar universe. I really dove into that, and  when I started getting into the few games im into. Perf would be playing Heroes of the Storm and he'd be telling me Yeah, that's this character from Hearthstone. Or that's this character from Diablo that he had introduced me to earlier on, he was trying to explain to me like the different pieces of how everything fits. I thought it was really cool. I loved how like it got deeper, you know? like when demon hunter came out in Hearthstone, and I watched the little thing they made about the making of demon hunter that's like not a trailer but like a mini docu and finding out he's the brother of the Paladin, and oh, no, he's the brother of Druid.

Juke  18:56  
And finding out there was a story behind even just a simple card game was very exciting. But now let's move on to more games, more types of games because that's what people are here for right now. There are the shooter games. So there's first person shooter and third person shooter.

Perf  19:12  
So respectively FPS let's say TPS. Well, to be honest, I dont see lots of people saying TPS.

Juke  19:27  
And so that's the difference of being the first person is like, you basically just see as if you were the character. So you see the gun in your hands.  And then third person shooter is like there's a camera behind you. 

Perf  19:44  

Juke  19:45  
Yeah, I hate third person. Having to control the camera is the most frustrating thing in the world. 

Perf  19:53  
They're my favorites.

Juke  19:55  
it's just so much to handle. I'm already I'm still learning to like, aim and shoot and to not get overwhelmed that having to control where I look other than like where my characters looking... it drives me nuts.

Perf  20:08  
It's a perfect exercise for your spatial temporal... is it a word in english?.

Juke  20:18  
I think so. 

Nailter  20:19  
The best example that first person shooter is Call of Duty. The best example of third person shooter right now it's fortnight

Juke  20:27  
fortnight is a Battle royal And a third person shooter. So you can have games that are two types. 

Nailter  20:42  
yeah multiple genre. So call of duty is the best example of First Person

Juke  20:45  
what's another third person shooter that people know? 

Perf  20:48  
Gears of War!

Divi  20:51  
 Yes. Of course.

Juke  20:56  
Yeah. Okay. Cuz I remember seeing you watch gears and you see your whole body. Yeah, yeah. 

Divi  21:10  
another fps would be counter strike.

Juke  21:21  
Yeah, counter strike is popular from what I understand.

Perf  21:25  
It's getting old but it's still going on. Just like Starcraft and Warcraft. Actually, they're 20 years old. There's still a decent player pool for all the game we mentioned.

Nailter  21:40  
I wasnt even born in those times.

Juke  21:43  
Wait, so Starcraft and Warcraft is older than us???

Nailter  21:46  
No Starcraft was 99

Divi  21:49  
I was seven years old when it came out.

Divi  22:25  
because there's a difference between Warcraft and the World of Warcraft.  it's an important distinction. Warcraft is an RTS and there's three games Warcraft One, two and three. And after Warcraft three released World of Warcraft in 2004

Juke  22:59  
Okay, so yeah, a lot of Warcraft happened before

Divi  23:03  
Yeah, it's never ending even today they released shadowlands, the last expansion. 

Perf  23:13  
yeah, World of Warcraft as I read it recently, they have quite a big drop in the player pool. But even still, they're still the game with the largest player pool ever.

Divi  23:27  
Nailter is between three of us who go play the most of this game. There's another distinction to make with Wow, it's a game that you need to pay every month to play, you need to have a subscription subscription to play.

Juke  23:44  
are there a lot of games like that??

Nailter  23:48  
Normally, they fail. Yeah, normally when a game tries to go with a subscription, subscription base, they just they just fail because people are like no,

Juke  23:58  
but World of Warcraft. It didn't start off that way? 

Nailter  24:02  
It was always like, it used to be 20 bucks a month. now its like 14

Juke  24:08  
like a Netflix subscription. 

Perf  24:12  
Well, I would be very poor if I started playing this game.

Juke  24:17  
Because you can buy even more things?

Nailter  24:19  
you could buy a mount and stuff like that. But not a lot of people buy it.  because they already subscribe and they don't like the fact that they're paying per month, and they need to pay for content that should be in the game.

Perf  24:35  

Nailter  24:38  
like, yeah, if the game is free, I don't mind paying to look pretty, but if I'm paying already I dont want to pay more to like pretty. I want to have to unlock them. It can be hard. It can be easy, but as long as the potential to unlock it in the game. Yeah, that's fine.

Juke  24:56  
I'm starting to understand skins better because Hearthstone Made it easier to have different colored cards. And I get it more wanting prettier cards.

Juke  25:14  
I'm still too cheap and too obsessed with finances to, like pay for pretty cards. But if I was like really serious into a game,

Divi  25:22  
I was always against paying for aesthetics, but I started with Heroes of the Storm. I really liked that game and some heroes that I really liked even more, I paid for skins because I don't know why.

Juke  25:35  
You want to look badass.

Perf  26:22  
go wonder why it's the main source of income from most video games.

Divi  26:26  
Yeah, fortnight is a free to play game. But

Juke  26:30  
there's a lot of skins in fortnight right?

Divi  26:32  
and they make a lot of money with that.

Juke  26:35  

Perf  26:36  
So much that the franchise epic. They dropped most of their games just to focus on fortnight.

Juke  26:46  
Oh my god Really? Damn, that's crazy.

Juke  27:06  
we mentioned shooters, Battle Royale, MMO, RPG MOBA RTS, I have on my list here, ARPG, but we didn't cover RPG, RPG is role playing game.this confused me because Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing. But some other games that we play online are role playing games,

Perf  27:30  
because role playing game would be the main category. And there's a lot of subcategories of RPGs

Juke  27:38  
because for me, when I think of role playing, I think of first of all BDSM And then I think of Dungeons and Dragons. So I think of in person pretending to be another person and speaking as a person. And so when I think of other games that are called role playing games that are online, and that the role playing is already done for you, because the character on the game is pre programmed to say certain things. It's like hard for my brain to understand that those are also role playing games.

Nailter  28:19  
Imagine Runescape Yeah, but without the online aspect. yourself, you're creating your character like you want. Like you can choose his hair, I can choose this name. And also you can be okay, well, I'm gonna be a blacksmith. I'm just gonna level up blacksmith skills. And that's going to be my my character. That's what I'm going with it. It's gonna be Oh, well, I'm that merchant who is also a blacksmith.

Divi  28:49  
That's the role you choose to define in

Juke  28:53  
you choosing his roles and stuff. You're just not choosing the things he says.

Nailter  29:00  
You're playing d&d in a video game.

Divi  29:03  
If I did, for example, a game called Divinity Original Sin is an RPG. In the dialogue, you select what you character will say and it will have an impact on the future events

Juke  29:17  
you have a choice of like four things

Divi  29:20  
decide to kill or not to kill a specific character in the game you know you can insult certain person so it will have other impact afterwards.

Nailter  29:31  
You can still  kill anyone you want. You want to be a healer you can be.

Juke  29:39  
Yeah. So it's still a role playing game even though you yourself are not confronted with the act of acting.

Divi  29:49  
And you are not like as free as dungeon and dragons but pretty close.

Juke  29:54  
Yeah, but it's funny because I remember divinity and balder's gate, perf was telling me it's like Dungeons and Dragons, but when I was playing I was like : but see to me I wouldn't have thought that because there's no acting and for me I feel like a big part of Dungeons and Dragons is being forced to act and that's how I defined role playing games before, it's being forced to act but you're not

Divi  30:25  
yeah you know you're right on that point. And it's a big part that you don't have in the video game. But it's a role playing in another sense because you create your characters as you want you you make the model decide what haircut he got, what tattoos etc his name and you build it as you want. Is it a warrior priest whatever, you select the skills you will have. So there is no acting, but there was a lot of other things

Juke  30:57  
Yeah, well balder's gates. It was very thorough, like the color of the skin can be any freaking color you wanted. And then they asked me to like create my ideal lover, that was fun. I gave her a beard. 

Perf  31:13  
definitely the kind of game that there's the most customizable

Juke  31:19  
and so typically RPGs will there be a paywall for the skins

Divi  31:24  
i never saw that

Nailter  31:26  
knowing those kind of games there shouldnt be

Nailter  31:30  
I mean, if you want the acting aspect, MMO RPGs are perfect for that. Since you're interacting with all the other players. It's chat. you can still cat, you can type something even though that's not you that's saying it

Divi  31:51  
Yeah, that would be a good good example of acting for RPGs Yeah, because normal RPG is not online like you don't play against or with people that you don't know like 90% of the time it's solo

Nailter  32:12  
you could be acting if you're playing with friends like in dnd your not playing alone 

Divi  32:21  
So normally you control four characters. So if you play alone you control the four of them and if I play with perf we control two each.

Perf  32:38  
there is the option in MMO RPGs to play in PvP. This is player versus player. It's usually massive fights of hundreds of persons fighting against another hundreds of person or you can play PvE which is player versus environment So it's all the mobs that you get all the bosses all the lore comes from the E part of the game.

Divi  33:17  
The computer that controls them, it's like it's a bot. It's not a person.  Diablo is a great example of PvE

Juke  0:48  
but Diablo is RPG?

Perf  0:55  
It's an ARPG

Juke  0:57  
okay, that's what I was gonna ask what the fuck is the A?

Nailter  1:01  

Juke  1:01  
action RPG Okay. But there's that big of a difference that it deserves an A?

Perf  1:08  

Juke  1:08  
Oh, yeah?

Perf  1:09  
It's more fast paced action.

Juke  1:12  
I can see that because I played balders gate. That's pretty slow. So is that the difference? The A is not turn based?

Divi  1:25  
it's really because Diablo is more as you said, fast paced. And it's more I would say casual. Like, you kill a lot of mobs of monsters really fast. you go through the game really fast. It's you don't care about the dialogues. It's only like you kill monsters? 

Juke  1:45  
Yeah in Diablo I get annoyed when there's too much blah, blah.

Nailter  1:48  

Divi  1:50  
How the game works is when you finish it, you start again at level of difficulty more harder. So you pass through the same dialogue, the same characters. So we already read it once you don't want to read it again. You just want to go through the game.

Juke  2:05  
Borderlands did that. Because Borderlands is the only game in my life I've ever beat. And then you start over the game. And it's harder. Exactly. But Borderlands is not an RPG. Just an fps?

Divi  2:17  
That's right.

Juke  2:19  

Nailter  2:20  
She's learning.

Juke  2:21  
I am. the listeners at home can't see this. But these three guys are seeing the hamster turning and

Perf  2:30  
there's also JRPG.

Juke  2:33  
Oh, yeah? that's not on my list.

Perf  2:35  
it's for the Japanese RPGs. And it's worth mentioning because they all have, let's say Final Fantasy. Which is the biggest.

Juke  2:45  
 That's an RPG? 

Nailter  2:47  

Juke  2:53  
Okay, so Final Fantasy is an RPG. And is it an FPS or something?

Perf  2:57  
It's mainly turn base.

Juke  3:00  
Final Fantasy is turned right?

Perf  3:02  
No, not all of them. they've been experimenting with the turn base thing. They made some sort of real time turn base... They've been playing with the concept of it. It's pretty hard to describe here. But

Divi  3:17  
I have two examples of RPG real time or turn base. turn base would be divinity or balders gate 3. Yeah, those are two turn based RPGs. So when you play you have all the time you want to play your turn after that is the computer that plays and so on and so forth. And a good example of a real time would be baldurs Gate one and two. So how it works Is you you control I think it's six characters at the same time. And you decide where they move what they do as skills. And as it's overwhelming. Of course, you have a pause button. you can pause as much as you want. it's the basic mechanics of real time. RPGs and a lot of people were angry that baldur's gate three was turn base.  Because it's not the official Dungeons and Dragons related RPG game. 

Juke  4:36  
I think I would freak out if it wasn't turned base.  But then again, I didn't play enough. But so Final Fantasy would be more...

Perf  4:48  
I haven't been playing that much. Zik is a big fan of it. 

Juke  4:52  
We've talked about zik already so much.

Juke  4:59  
Yeah, so I was surprised because Final Fantasy I was expecting it to be more of a shooter.

Perf  5:07  
There's a huge amount of lore in it. It's very well done,

Juke  5:13  
because I only remember like seeing the guy from Final Fantasy jumped over buildings. That's all I really remember from

Divi  5:21  
Yeah, you can make all the type of games like let's say a game called destiny. The creators that make up Halo, and it's an MMO FPS. So we talked about MMO rrpg, but there's also MMO FPS

Juke  5:35  
massive multiplayer online, FPS

Divi  5:38  
first person shooter. Yeah, so there's a big wide open world with different planets, you can travel to those planets, but it's an FPS

Juke  5:45  
Okay, so like what you're seeing is FPS. 

Juke  5:48  
Parf is laughing cz im making so much faces

Perf  5:51  
your brain, it's exploding and love it

Nailter  5:54  
so confused

Juke  5:55  
so what you see in those games is like what your screen sees is FPS. what was happening in the game is massive multiplayer online. 

Divi  6:07  
on a specific planet, let's say and there's a, like a dungeon round: there's a common objective, all the people that are there will go do that objective. So it's random people that just go there and you have this common objective that you will do. But instead of having a character with spells and everything, like a conventional RPG, is you have a gun. You kill like an FPS.

Perf  6:34  
Weren't we supposed to buy this game with zik at some point.

Divi  6:37  
It's free. 

Nailter  6:38  

Juke  6:38  
Oh, that's why I remember destiny because when I built my computer, my PC Messiah cousin. He was like, Okay, now download this game. This game is free. And we'll see if your computer runs well, and it was destiny. That's why I know destiny.

Divi  6:56  
It's really well crafted game made by professionals. Smooth it's marvelous. it's a really good game. It's free. There's no reason to not try it.

Juke  7:08  

Perf  7:09  
you tried it already?

Divi  7:10  
Yeah, I played one game with Zik but it's a shooters.

Perf  7:13  
Yeah I was gonna say you dont like shooters

Juke  7:15  
I like shooter game. 

Perf  7:17  
I already showed you the best one.

Juke  7:23  
is that gears of war?

Perf  7:24  

Juke  7:25  
is gears of war an mmo?.

Perf  7:27  
No, no. 

Juke  7:28  

Perf  7:29  
It's five versus five Too.

Juke  7:30  
Okay, so it's Gears of War, a battle arena. 

Nailter  7:33  

Juke  7:34  

Divi  7:36  
Maybe I can explain that. I'll try to explain what the difference between MMO and not MMO. Okay, is when it's not an MMO you start a game with a specific time length. Like in gears, they make a game. And after the game, it's over. You start another one, an MMO It never ends.

Nailter  7:56  
you're always connected with people in an MMO 

Juke  7:58  
and people come and go

Divi  8:00  
there's no concept of a game starting. It's just always, always live nonstop live.  when you enter the game, you're entering the big world that never ends.

Juke  8:10  
So League of Legends is a MOBA.  And then MMO come and go World of Warcraft.  And no, that's all I know. Rnescape! That's my go-to because I have briefly played runescape in my life. I have a lot of other acronyms on this that I don't. Okay, no, okay, because br is battle Royale. next one I have on my list here is card games and the perfect card game example for me is Hearthstone.

Nailter  8:48  

Divi  8:51  
There's three hearthstone players and one magic players.

Juke  8:53  
Yeah, well, I think the game people know the most is magic. Yeah. And I think if we're talking to moms, if moms or dads are listening to this because your son somehow sent you this and said here mom, if you want to understand me better listen to this. And maybe you guys might know card games more as Pokemon and YuGiOh, Because when I was growing up, I was Pokemon and YuGiOh.

Divi  9:18  
Yeah, I remember in elementary school, we were trading and Pokemon cards, right? we're not playing a game actually just trading.

Juke  9:28  
I had a stack of cards because one of my cousins got rid of cards. And I was so proud because I have more cards than anyone I knew. But I did not know how to play

Nailter  9:35  
Nobody. Nobody knew.

Juke  9:38  
But I imagine it's a lot like Hearthstone. 

Nailter  9:40  
No, you have to evolve your Pokemons you have like a price zone.

Perf  9:45  
It's more like yugioh than any other card game. Yeah, it's weird. Even then it's still different than

Juke  9:54  
its not like hearthstone or magic? 

Perf  9:57  
not Really.

Nailter  10:00  
 I mean, theres a deck of cards, draw seven cards that way, it's kind of the same, but

Perf  10:06  
I'd say it's still closer to magic than hearthstone. 

Juke  10:14  
magic is not like Hearthstone?

Perf  10:16  
I mean, they're all a card game. And they're all pretty similar, but some of the mechanics are closer to magic than Hearthstone I mean, there's a lot of complicated mechanics in Hearthstone, but it's way more complex in magic in my opinion.

Juke  10:59  
But magic, you can buy cards individually. Versus Hearthstone, you can only buy packs that are random cards. But I've heard like, I remember my friend telling me like, Oh, my roommate was judging me because I bought two lipsticks, and they were 60 bucks. And then she turned around and told him yesterday, you bought one card that was smaller than a piece of paper. That was 50 bucks. So why are you judging me?

Divi  11:25  
Yeah, it's a different market mechanics I would say. Hearthstone as you said, you buy packs, you can't buy cards, it's impossible to do it. I think they should. But I think they will lose money. But anyways, it's another subject. And when you make a deck you can have maximum two times of each cards. And there's one type of card legendaries that you can only have one time in your neck. So if you have more than two times have a specific card, you can like dust it like, decraft is it the word? uncraftcraft or discenchant the card. It will give you dust and you can use dust to craft cards if you want.

Juke  12:11  
Yeah, but magic is there a maximum you can have in a deck.

Nailter  12:16  
There's a minimum of 60 cards. one card a maximum of four times.

Juke  12:22  
Okay, so that's a lot more, that's crazy. Cuz Yeah, heathstone is 30. And you guys have 60 and you guys physical? No, cuz there's an online version.  And if I buy a physical magic card, can I have it on my online version too? 

Nailter  12:35  

Juke  12:38  
there's not like a scan thing.

Nailter  12:40  

Juke  12:41  

Nailter  12:42  
in pokemon you can do that

Juke  12:49  
So magic theres people that play cards and the people that play online and those worlds don't intersect? 

Nailter  12:55  

Juke  12:55  
Whoa. The next on my list is platforming. 

Perf  12:58  
 It's the most popular and original amongst old players,I would say. Oh, just guess it my love.

Divi  13:06  
Do you know about Mario Bros?

Juke  13:07  
Okay, yeah, I remember.

Juke  13:10  
donkey kong?

Nailter  13:12  
Have you heard of Metroid?

Juke  13:14  
No never 

Nailter  13:15  
heard of Castlevania?

Juke  13:17  
I don't know that, I only played Mario and Donkey Kong. is little planet... little planet. No, nevermind. I don't remember what it's called.

Nailter  13:27  
Yes, little planet is one

Juke  13:28  
okay. I remember it. I've played that but then I died because I would be too far behind and in that game when people are too far ahead. And you're the last one behind they just kill you. So I would die.

Divi  13:40  
What else?

Juke  13:42  
is the poop game that? (sings i am the great mighty poop)

Perf  13:47  
yeah its a platforming...ishhh

Juke  13:48  
Are all platforming games 2d? 

Nailter  13:51  

Perf  13:51  

Divi  13:51  
no... Krash Bandicut is a 3d platformer

Juke  13:53  
The little fox thing? (sings again)

Divi  13:57  
is like you need to progress in the level of obviously platforms. And there are some enemies like in Mario, little mushrooms and the turtles that will give you troubles. And you need to not fall.

Juke  14:12  
Okay. Those are like the typical games most people have played once in their life.

Divi  14:17  
Yeah, pretty sure

Juke  14:18  
like a lot of mobile games are gonna be platform games. 

Juke  14:38  
I have here just adventure, is that an actual type of game

Nailter  14:43  
adventure game? Yeah. it's like a subcategory of like role playing games.

Juke  14:49  
Okay, so they're often going to be adventure something they're not just going to be adventure games. They're going to be like adventure role playing games, or is there like adventure first person shooter or something like

Perf  14:59  
Lots of platformer games actually adventure tagged adventure.

Juke  15:03  
So it's rarely just tagged adventure alone.

Divi  15:06  
it's like Adventures like you go through a campaign a story, but you don't customize your character basically.

Juke  15:13  
And is survival and horror, kind of like that where it's rarely just alone, or are survival and horror often tagged alone, like will it be survival fps or just survival?

Nailter  15:24  
like survival, FPS survival and stuff like that. survival horror games. Yeah. Like zombie games.

Divi  15:31  
One of the most popular is Resident Evil.

Perf  15:35  

Juke  15:35  
And that's a survival horror.

Divi  15:37  
Yeah. But it's in third person.

Juke  15:39  
This website separates their games into like action games. And then after there's gonna be stuff like platform shooters, stealth, fighting, beat em up. They're like sub categories of these bigger categories. I'm understanding.

Nailter  15:53  

Perf  15:54  
Fighting categories pretty ...

Nailter  15:56  
Yeah, it's it can be its own. 

Perf  15:58  

Nailter  16:02  
I mean, you can put the fighting games in the action main theme.

Juke  16:06  
Yeah, that makes sense. And there's puzzle games, which in my mind, I think of a puzzle you make online, but I imagine it's more like a 

Divi  16:14  
escape room?

Juke  16:15  
Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Divi  16:18  
We played recently.

Perf  16:21  
We were here, yeah, they have three games. All of them pretty great to do with a partner. I don't think it's very well known.

Divi  16:29  
No, it's not. But it's really good. It should.

Juke  16:31  
Yeah. And that's only playing with friends?

Divi  16:34  
 you cant play alone. Because how it works is you get the two players. And you need to reach the end of the of the level. And by doing that, you have one of the players more of the information side so he gives information to the other player. And the other player needs to act to solve the puzzle

Juke  16:57  
 communication skills.

Divi  16:59  
Communication skills  is amazingly important.

Juke  17:05  
It's fun watching you guys play that because every time I walk into the office, there's a little paper with notes. and i hear you guys talking and describing things is is fun

Divi  17:17  
things are hard to describe. It's not like oh, there's a red circle, or whatever. It's complex forums. And so it's really hard.

Perf  17:24  
It looks like a boat with an alien on it. with a penis.

Juke  17:31  
So it's not like puzzle puzzles. It's more like games that are puzzles in themselves, but they're not visually like a puzzle that you do on the table.

Divi  17:39  
Portal is a good game.

Juke  17:42  
Okay, portal is a puzzle game. Even though what you see is a bit FPS But it's not a shooter because you're shooting portals. Exactly.

Nailter  17:54  
I mean, you're shooting.

Juke  17:55  
Yeah, but portals.

Perf  17:59  
the cake is a lie.

Juke  18:02  
Yes. So a simulation game is more like a flight simulator or like those doctors simulator or a truck. 

Nailter  18:09  
The Sims

Juke  18:10  
Sims. Oh, Sims is a simulation game. That's why it's called Sim. Yeah, exactly.

Nailter  18:16  
Mind blown.

Juke  18:20  
Yeah, I've never enjoyed playing Sims. But I enjoy watching people play Sims, because they always try to do something stupid.

Divi  18:29  
The classic is trying to drown people removing the leather. Yeah.

Juke  18:34  
And Okay, so here I have this list that says action games, adventure games and those action adventure games. So there's that much of a difference between action and adventure that there's a category called action adventure.

Nailter  18:46  
Action is gonna be when we say action adventure. They say action for the type of gameplay is going to be so like a fast paced gameplay, but they're still gonna focus on the story. Even though you you play fast and stuff like that. You're still gonna be a campaign and all that stuff.

Juke  19:03  
Like action games, in my mind are more stressful than adventure games. They're more like, oh my god. 

Nailter  19:11  
Lets say You're playing Street Fighter, there's a story, but it's not the main point of the game. So they're not gonna say it's an adventure game. It's an action game. But if you play the Witcher, You have a lot of action, but it's mostly story driven.

Juke  19:31  
Okay, yeah, that explains it for me and Street Fighter, which is a really good example. That is an action game is that also, it's not platforming, right? Because you're just in one spot.

Perf  19:42  
It's a fighting.

Divi  19:43  
Yeah, you're not going through a level.

Juke  19:45  
Yeah, you're just there. Yeah, yeah, that's a good thing to mention, because I think Street Fighter is one that a lot of people will recognize.

Unknown Speaker  19:53  
 fighting game is almost always on a 2d plane and you just have to have sequence of good moves to beat your oponent 

Juke  20:02  
Mm hmm. Because when we were working on the violence in gaming episode games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat,Those were big worries. And it was so funny to me. Because if I look at them now, I don't find them gruesome at all. But at the time when they first came out, they were some of the most gruesome games of their time, and people were so worried about them. And now I would be like, so someone told me they were worried about their kids playing Street Fighter. laugh at them, you know?

Perf  20:30  
Well, especially Mortal Kombat, because the finisher moves were pretty violent at the time. 

Juke  20:37  
still like now compared to what we have. I wouldn't ever consider them gruesome.

Nailter  20:41  
Yeah, I mean, the guy just split the head off 

Juke  20:51  
Yeah, I guess it's kind of gruesome. And there's another one on this list. Well, okay. First, I just I want to go very fast, cuz I don't feel like we're gonna talk about a lot. But there's a sports games. There's like the hockey, soccer, football games. Those are a type that exist. my stepbrother was a big sports guy. And so there was a lot of sports like hockey, soccer type video games that were being played. And those were still, they're a type of games, but they're just called sports games.

Perf  21:19  
I believe we were supposed to tell you about our least favorite game, and that might be it

Divi  21:36  
I played sports game

Juke  21:37  
Yeah, so it's not your least favorite type. What is your least favorite?

Divi  21:43  
I don't know.

Juke  21:45  
Well, you can think about

Nailter  21:46  
you like spending 80 bucks every year for a game that just add a new number?

Perf  21:53  
Every year pretty much just an update.

Divi  21:55  
I bought footballs and hockey games. It was in like 2011 

Perf  22:04  
Oh, it wasn't mistake. Okay.

Juke  22:06  
No, cuz I can imagine you get to work out strategies that you would normally do.

Divi  22:11  
I played Madden, because I played football in real life. It makes sense.

Nailter  22:15  
Yeah. That guy did everything. He is a professional musician. He's a captain, engineer. Now he played football. can that guy be stopped?

Juke  22:40  
the full package 

Juke  22:52  
Before we make him blush even more

Juke  22:56  
the last one here I see of types of games that I have no idea what it is. What's an idle game?

Nailter  23:06  
you know the clicker games?

Juke  23:08  
Okay. like venture capitalist. 

Nailter  23:10  
Yeah, the game just plays itself

Juke  23:12  
you can install like an automatic clicker on your on your mouse. And then you get like gold like crazy. my ex was super into adventure capitalists. Yeah. Or like the cookie clicker game? 

Nailter  23:24  

Juke  23:26  
its Purely what we were saying the other day about the rush of dopamine. And like it's just reward. I'm just gonna double check that there isn't any that we forgot. But in the meantime, Nailter, do you have a least favorite time of game?

Nailter  23:45  
sport games?

Juke  23:47  
Oh, yeah.  worse than idle games?

Nailter  23:50  
Yeah, If you get invested in it, next year, you need to buy the new one. It's $80 there's nothing you just change a number on the on the bar.

Juke  24:02  
Why do you need to buy a new one? That's the thing.

Nailter  24:04  
There is a new players they update the game with like, the current players. Yeah.

Juke  24:09  
Okay. Because for me, the way I see it is if you play a sports game, in my mind, I don't see the point in buying like the newest one, because I'm like, okay, just buy the one that has like the best tech. And then the goal is to, in my mind, to practice plays that you would have hoped your coach would give you when you were playing soccer. You're like, Why didn't my coach ever give me this play? And so I'm gonna go try it out on the video game or I imagine soccer games and football games were really popular during quarantine with guys who are used to playing football several times a week with their crew, and now can't even touch people. But I understand sports games more than I understand clicker games, although I have fallen prone to clicker games because of dopamine.

Divi  24:49  
Yeah. Because when I played football games, I saw like a play, you choose which play you want to play. Like on the field. And I saw things that I did In real life,so yeah, interesting on that point,

Juke  25:03  
absolutely. So that I get because my stepbrother was a hockey player. He was a soccer player and he always played hockey and soccer games. And I was just like I guess when you're in that world. You want to see it, you want to play ,and then you... because when you play the hockey and soccer games, it's rarely first person point of view. It's always over.  Because every time I see it, it's like an above camera. 

Divi  25:27  
Like you see on the TV when you watch.

Juke  25:28  
Yeah. So I imagine it's a lot like a footballer watching his game a lot. you guys watch your replays sometimes. grubby watches replays sometimes to be like, what the fuck did I do wrong? Why did I lose this game? I'm a pro. I'm surprised that you guys dislike sports games over clicker games.

Divi  25:47  
me too

Perf  25:49  
I guess they're almost both as bad in my heart

Juke  25:53  
But I know how much you hate mobile games. Would you put mobile games before sports games? 

Perf  25:55  
mobile what?

Juke  26:02  
Okay, see?

Divi  26:03  
Oh, yeah, that's my least favorite gaming.

Perf  26:09  
i dont think they deserve the name of a real game

Divi  26:16  
There exceptions, like one of my favorite game hearthstone is on my mobile.

Perf  26:23  
I know. That doesn't count, it's a card game.

Juke  26:28  
I really hope someday I meet like, through and through mobile gamer just so that I can have a debate on the podcast

Nailter  26:39  
I play mobile games. I played Tinder.

Juke  26:43  
Yes, the ultimate clicker. I guess it's a swiper. so I guess you're a true least favorite game is mobile games.

Nailter  26:56  
Yeah, okay.

Juke  26:59  
Okay, and did I ask you guys what your favorite most favorite type of game is? I don't think so. Yours is MOBA. 

Perf  27:07  
Yeah, yes.

Divi  27:09  
if i wanna be Casual I would say Moba aswell. But if i wanna be competitive. I would say RTS

Juke  27:14  
oh ya cz you play Starcraft,

Divi  27:17  
Warcraft and Starcraft

Juke  27:18  

Divi  27:19  

Juke  27:19  
that's true. Because you turned perf on to grubby. And then perf turned me on to grubby.

Divi  27:26  
Yeah, i played Warcraft really intense between 2005 and 2009 10 or 11. i played With one of my friend all the time. And after that I switched to Starcraft for two years, two or three years. Now, I don't play RTS anymore. Because It's too much commitment to be able to play good games. So if I want to try hard, I would say RTS is my favorite game. But if I want to play with my friends, of course, it's moba.

Nailter  27:58  
I'm gonna go with moba, because im a really competitive guy. MOBAs is the kind of games that I can be really competitive

Juke  28:08  
and or else you were hesitating with MMO RPG.

Nailter  28:11  
yeah, I mean, I like being like competitive in MMO RPG  like trying to be the best.

Juke  28:18  
And that hesitation was because of the community and all that 

Nailter  28:22  
mostly the game play. Yeah, I prefer the gameplay of MOBAs.

Juke  28:27  
Okay, are there any types of games that maybe we forgotten? There's like multi genre games. But that doesn't count. Because we've named the different types, then multi genre is like just several types.

Perf  28:37  
I think we went through most of the types

Juke  28:39  
well strategies, RTS, there's more?

Divi  28:42  
yeah like gears tactics. You go through level you need to use strategy to go through it and to do another one.

Nailter  28:51  
 I feel like strategy is the main theme, RTS are subcategories, like RTS is a subcategory to strategy. 

Juke  29:00  
Okay, I see that. And so what's sandbox is that like, Minecraft?

Nailter  29:06  
Minecraft is the best example.

Juke  29:07  
And so Sims is not a sandbox, because it's a simulation. Or it's both.

Nailter  29:14  
Sim City can be a sandbox.

Juke  29:16  
oh there's a difference...

Nailter  29:18  
 Sim City is a simulation, like RollerCoaster Tycoon and all that stuff.

Juke  29:23  

Nailter  29:24  
But yeah, if you like impact the world f in some ways, you could say it's a sandbox.

Juke  29:30  
All right, this is gonna be a pretty decent episode.

Divi  29:34  
 a lot of information.

Nailter  29:35  
Yeah, so much content,

Juke  29:36  
very content heavy. Go to the website the glossary will be updated. And we're working hard on getting episode transcripts to be out on the website at the same time as the episodes are out, but they might be slightly delayed because it's hard. If you're a gamer, and you've noticed we got something wrong. Please write to us. We want to make sure that the information we give out is as accurate as possible rate review and subscribe, please, it helps us out so much. And do you guys have anything to plug

Nailter  30:07  
You can still check out my Instagram @nailter my Twitter @thenailter 

Divi  30:18  
What about your only fan?

Nailter  30:26  
not yet, soon hahah

Juke  30:26  
perf you look very focused. Do you have anything to plug?

Perf  30:29  
did i plug grubby in the preceding episode?

Juke  30:31  
Yeah A while ago I think Episode Two you plugged him, you can plug grubby again grubby is great. 

Perf  30:36  
You guys go and watch grubby 

Juke  30:38  
find him on Twitch. That's where he's the most active I think. Yeah, but on Instagram. It's fucking cute to see pictures of him and his dog. And if you want to find me, I'm @Juke_ish. I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. I'm technically also on Reddit and other platforms. YouTube also, but I don't use those. So Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. And I think that's all guys. Thank you guys so much, GG

Divi  31:03  

Perf  31:03  

Nailter  31:03