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13 - Noob in a Friendly Tournament

October 11, 2021 Juke & Perf Season 1 Episode 13
13 - Noob in a Friendly Tournament
Getting Gamers
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Getting Gamers
13 - Noob in a Friendly Tournament
Oct 11, 2021 Season 1 Episode 13
Juke & Perf

Tournaments can be stressful, especially when it’s a first time in any given discipline. This is why Juke shares their experience throughout the whole process of getting ready for a friendly tournament of HeartStone (card game). Of course, Divi and Perf are throwing in some spicy comments about Juke’s journey.

This episode was recorded before the recent denunciations at Blizzard California.

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Tournaments can be stressful, especially when it’s a first time in any given discipline. This is why Juke shares their experience throughout the whole process of getting ready for a friendly tournament of HeartStone (card game). Of course, Divi and Perf are throwing in some spicy comments about Juke’s journey.

This episode was recorded before the recent denunciations at Blizzard California.

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Art by Arielle:  

twitter @ProphetPossum

instagram @ProphetOPossum

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Juke  0:00  
Hello humans and welcome to getting gamers, your Guide to Understanding the gamers in your life. My name is Juke, my pronouns are they them.

Perf  0:06  
My name is Perf, my pronouns are he him.

Divi  0:07  
My name is Divi my pronouns are he him.

Perf  0:22  
and today we're gonna talk about a beginner friendly tournament.

Juke  0:29  
More specifically my first time joining a friendly tournament that the guys have started so in previous episodes we have mentioned that Zik and Divi organized a friendly tournament for hearthstone that we call THC because in french its "tournoi hearthstone entre chum" So the bilinguals out there will understand. Before we get into it, what games have you guys been playing this week?

Perf  0:57  
Me and Divi have been playing Heroes of the Storm a bit more lately. 

Divi  1:02  
We started back. That's true.

Juke  1:04  
Yeah, I noticed like you guys took a long break. I guess when Heroes of the Storm started dying. Eventually you guys fizzled. But like lately, every time I pass by Perf is playing Hots or Dota 

Perf  1:16  

Divi  1:18  
We don't pay a lot of HOTS. Like we played maybe 10 games in the last two weeks? I would say.

Perf  1:26  
Yeah. about that. 

Juke  1:28  
That's almost a game a day. It's not bad. 

Divi  1:31  

Juke  1:32  
Well it's fun to see that you guys are getting back into the game, even though blizzards kind of like fizzling?

Perf  1:37  
Yeah, before. I think it was the longest period of time. Without me playing hots which was four months. In the last five years or so.

Divi  1:49  
Besides hots the classics, but heartstone right now it's pretty much in like dead right now. Because the meta is settled for a while 

Juke  1:59  
in hearthstone? 

Divi  2:00  
in heartstone Yeah.

Juke  2:01  
Okay, cuz, because we're like, they did the renewal thing. And then now everybody's kind of like, settled? 

Divi  2:08  
it's always in waves.

Juke  2:09  

Divi  2:09  
So when they release new content, we play back. There's the THC the tournament. And so we play a lot to be prepared. It's exciting, because there's new cards. Yeah. But right now, it's been four months since the last expansion. There's no other tournament. So it's pretty. I would not say lame, but it's redundant.

Juke  2:32  

Divi  2:33  
So we are faced with the same open end. So we don't we just do our daily quest. And that's it.

Juke  2:40  
And for you guys, when when there's nerfs and stuff like that, does it give you this like, new wave of interest?

Divi  2:49  
Just did we define what is a meta? 

Juke  2:51  
mmmm Probably not. 

Divi  2:55  
Because I said that. And I realized maybe a couple of people doesn't know what it means. 

Juke  2:59  
Yeah, you feel like trying to define it?

Divi  3:02  
ouff that would be hard... how can we define it?

Perf  3:06  
I guess it's uuhmm it's a general strategy or a way of playing depending of what's being played right now. 

Juke  3:18  

Perf  3:19  
so this is like very generic terms. But it can be a very complex to explain to people that are not familiar with metagaming

Divi  3:27  
it's really hard to define

Juke  3:29  
if I if I try to dumb it down, like in the way that I understood it, because like meta was never explained to me, I just like, started understanding what he meant by hearing you guys use the term and from what I understood, it's like if you look at any game, there's different characters will have different skills and often, you'll say, Oh, this character is overpowered or whatever. So like, in that, let's say that the characters that everybody's like, oh, that characters clearly like the the overpowered one the good one, then like, that's going to be the character people play the most. So I kind of what I see like when you guys say of meta is like, what's being played the most what people are, at some point, what he's saying of getting redundant, it's like you're always playing against the same thing. Because that's like the better option if you look at the statistics. 

Perf  4:26  
Everything else is settle around this overpowered character

Divi  4:32  
Yes exactly! so in heartstone it's not a character, its a deck.  So that there's the like dominating deck because it takes time to settle but like, people find THE deck. So they're, like the vast majority of people will play this list. And the other one would try to counter it, so this creates the meta.

Juke  4:52  
Yeah, exactly. That's, I think the best way to define it because or else if people think of meta, they'll think of like TV shows. Or they're being met, or stuff like that. It's not the same definition in gaming. So it's like so but I think what you said right there helps define it. Good luck for the gamer glossary Perf 

Perf  5:11  
The meta is something that's fluid and is constantly evolving. 

Divi  5:15  

Juke  5:16  

Perf  5:16  
But there has to be some changes from the game developers. Yeah, they did the with patches and hot fixes. 

Divi  5:28  

Perf  5:29  

Juke  5:31  
Yeah. And a bit on that, like what the guys are saying about the meta. That's the tournament, the friendly tournament every time heartstone changes the game or changes the different aspects of the game to change the meta to force people to change the meta. That's when there's always a new, friendly tournament that the guys create. 

Divi  5:58  

Juke  5:59  
I feel like I explained that really? clunkily 

Divi  6:01  
Yeah, but the essence is there. 

Juke  6:04  
Yeah. So um, we pre faced this in a few past episodes, but like zik first started up the tournament, and then Divi joined on the like, or organizational committee of the tournament. And now we just did the 12th edition. 

Divi  6:24  
Yes, yes. 

Juke  6:27  

Divi  6:27  
Nice one.

Juke  6:27  

Perf  6:28  
Yeah. No, I got Divi startled because I farted.

Divi  6:32  
I thought Something fell. 

Perf  6:36  
Yeah. I saw you looking at the ground, and i was like thats my fart

Divi  6:40  
you just like with that smile. There's something wrong you 

Perf  6:44  
we ate nachos and beans. So it's not my fault. 

Divi  6:50  
It doesn't smell it's good. So, yes, so to bring us back. So we do tournament every expansions. So at each expansions, they release a bunch of cards. 135 to be exact. 

Juke  7:10  
Always 135? 

Divi  7:11  
Yes, it's a fixed number. And between those expansions, there was mini expansions. And they released 35 new cards. So that shakes up the meta, too.

Juke  7:21  
So is it 135 per year, and then the mini ones is like every....

Divi  7:25  
No, they released three expansions per year. and 3 mini setsSo it's a total of 400 ish cards per year. Plus the mini sets, so it brings up like, 500.

Juke  7:44  
But the mini sets are separate. They're not the same time as the expansion.

Divi  7:50  
No, it's there's two months apart

Perf  7:52  
its like halftime, 

Juke  7:52  
but there's no tournament for mini set?

Divi  7:54  

Juke  7:55  
Oh there are?

Divi  7:55  

Juke  7:56  

Divi  7:57  
The one that you did was a mini set. Right? 

Perf  7:59  

Divi  7:59  

Juke  8:00  
Okay, so 

Divi  8:01  
with mutanus!

Juke  8:04  
True i hate mutanus  okay. Anyone playing Hearthstone out there? Putting Mutanus in your deck is rude. But, um, okay. So, um, whenever like, the chest opens, and you get the prizes that can be mini sets or expansion.

Divi  8:25  
so if you if you open a bag from the barrens, it can be mini set, or the first expansion of 135 cards. So the pool is now 180.  Sorry, 170 cards.

Juke  8:40  
 All right. 

Divi  8:41  
So, we do that, because we don't want to play against the same deck all the time. Because if we do two tournament with the exact same card pool is gonna be the same. So we wait until new cards arrive.

Juke  8:55  
And so Perf I assume you you joined the tournament? On the first tournament?

Perf  9:00  
 Yeah, I was a 

Divi  9:02  

Perf  9:03  
an OG dude at the THC

Juke  9:06  
And you did you start off with the first? 

Divi  9:07  

Juke  9:08  

Divi  9:09  

Juke  9:09  
And when did you start like organizing with zik? 

Divi  9:13  
Oh,I think Zik organize it alone. For the first four.I would say you've been there. 

Perf  9:19  
You've been with Zik for a while now.

Divi  9:22  
For a while. But the first the four. First he was alone doing it. I think I jumped in as a co organizer at the fifth.

Juke  9:31  
And was there always money at play from the start? Or did you guys decide to start putting an entrance fee?

Divi  9:37  
 from the first one but you will maybe know more

Perf  9:39  
i dont remember Quite frankly. I think the first and second edition there was there was no money involved.

Divi  9:47  
The second Yes, because I remember always putting a $5 At least

Perf  9:52  
I think it was starting from the second edition. I don't think there was a price. Zik could confirm 

Juke  9:58  
Yeah. I eventually will have One. 

Perf  10:00  
Yeah, I think the first edition was free. 

Juke  10:04  

Divi  10:06  
But the money is only like a competitive side but nobody makes money and besides the first winner,

Juke  10:14  
yeah, but it's for the fun of it.

Divi  10:18  
Yeah, exactly. 

Juke  10:19  
And so for me on my on my side of things like the first times that I heard of the friendly tournament was like when perf and I started dating and it started and I first I wasn't paying that much attention because I wasn't so interested in Hearthstone and I slowly started playing Hearthstone. And eventually once I understood more, I started watching and it was really you guys used to do it one day all the games and it was easier for me to watch back then and I remember like when I finally gathered the guts to join the discord which in previous episodes we mentioned my my anxieties around that but when I finally did that, and I started watching the the first tournament I watched I didn't even join the discord because I was so anxious to be part of that group of people but I was watching and and chatting sometimes when like, it's fun stuff and I I remember writing in the chat never in my life, I would have expected that I would have spent an entire Saturday watching a Hearthstone tournament

Perf  11:19  
that was pretty intense the first.. Well, almost a eight nine first edition was the six or seven hours straight average hearthstone so

Divi  11:29  
yeah, because it grew a little because at first it was me, perf, zik, guigui, and sirvapolis something like that. So it was like five people at like the really first thcs after that who joined first it was galas?no he we went late 

Perf  11:55  
Yeah, he was a late boy 

Divi  11:58  
who was like THC number five? oh yeah it was  mind x and my friend Mike.  

Juke  12:08  
did fodzinatior join? 

Divi  12:10  
Fodzinator was the last one to join.

Juke  12:12  
Oh yeah, yeah, okay.

Divi  12:13  
But like before all the new guys before fosher before pepito before ...

Juke  12:19  
the strangers haha the unknowns

Divi  12:23  
it started we like recruited I would say mindex, my friend Mike and his friend too. But the three of them didn't last for long. Mindex did only one tournament the friend of my friend Mike did one and mike did two or three maximum. Okay and after that because those people left we had a sweet spot we had to recruit other people we are no friends at our level yeah so I went on Facebook and just like in like a Facebook group like Quebec facebook facebook group I just like they put a message oh we are looking for like casual like good players heartstone doing a tournament friendly blah blah blah. And the the first guy we recruited he just joined for once for one tournament you never met him his name as always remember his gamertags but other people also contacted me and I said we are full for this for this one. So the one after I contacted them back and this is the one you know that fosher, pepito, etc. and they are really nice guys. 

Juke  13:37  
Yeah, they're cool. 

Perf  13:38  
Yeah, really fun to play with. 

Divi  13:39  
Yeah, so we are really happy with the pool we have. So we grew we started three four people and now we are aiming for 12 each tournament

Juke  13:49  
yeah and now it's it's on a two week long tournament where you have more freedom of like figuring out what to do your games and stuff like that. It was easier to watch and keep track of what it was just one day. I really enjoyed it 

Divi  14:03  
when you were four or five six split your it's okay to do it in one night. But when you're 12 that's a lot of heartsont like you don't want to play at the end. You just do a final I don't care. So this is why we bring up the we call it the league format. 

Juke  14:17  

Perf  14:23  
There's no regulation for drugs and it's actually based on cannabis puns so

Juke  14:30  
It's true. And for me when I when I when I finally finally joined and I was talking about how like I had notes and everything and the guys were like what? For me if I don't sit down with a beer it's like I'm not doing it right, you know?

Divi  14:44  
Yeah, alcohol is always included in the usually orpot or whatever. 

Perf  14:50  
Im not doing weed again. I did it once or twice and every time I ended up doing some major misplays and i was like aaah never again

Juke  15:00  
So for me, after having watched like a few of you guys play THC and stuff like that I started, I started slowly saying, oh, maybe next one I'll join. Maybe next one I'll join. And that lasted a while. I had a maybe a year of maybe next time.

Perf  15:19  
Maybe next time I've heard this one before

Juke  15:22  
Yeah, so I think for a while I was getting like more into it. And I think what was motivating me to join the tournament with you guys is that I was winning some games against perf when when we played, but I was often borrowing his decks because I didn't have my own decks and stuff like that. Yeah, decks, I was gonna say the wrong thing. I always mix up deck and pack. So if I mix it up, I'm sorry. Um, but eventually, I started like, really getting my own cards playing, you know, for I could like, hoard the gold, and then buy like 20-30 packs, every new expansion and that started making me feel like okay, you know, we're getting somewhere. Yeah, we're getting somewhere then the guys confirming that like I had, that I had like decent cards. And like the guys being Oh, like, juke can manage maybe. And then eventually, like when right before the latest tournament, then then perf was insisting more and then one night divi was over, and we drank a bit and divi was like, La la! Juke! you got to come next time! And that in one week, there was perf bugging me about it, then Divi giving me his little rant, and then Zik writing to me and saying, yo, so are you joining the guys are saying you might join I was like, Okay,Yeah, and, and at that point, I decided because I was like hoarding the dust. I didn't want to spend my dust. But at that point, I was like, Okay, I'm gonna check what decks that are on. HS replay, see what I can do. And then I actually like, create crafted some cards that I needed, and started practicing. And I felt like a little more confident enough, but I always said like, I just wanted to beat the the tournament that I had really watched fully and like really passionately watched. There was one guy that had like won only one of his matches. So my goal was to win. Like, at least one of my matches, just to be like to be equal to that guy. 

Perf  17:25  
Shout out to Pepito 

Juke  17:29  
I didn't remember which one exactly it was but for a few weeks, I kept saying like, I just want to beat pepito. Which I didn't I didn't beat Pepito in the tournament, meaning like, in our matchup, or whatever you call it.

Perf  17:43  
He's one of the only few who beat me this THC and Divi ofcourse cz he's my nemsis!

Divi  17:50  
It's gonna be a classic now. We'll see next one. he's gonna try hard

Perf  18:00  
 I hate you.

Juke  18:02  
 its true because you guys all kind of have nemesis of people. you just never beat

Divi  18:06  
Its funny! I know It's like, it's random. I mean, it's a card game. There's a lot of randomness in this game. But it's really funny like I always lose against Galas pretty much always I won once. And it wasn't the final. it was great. Usually he beats me, perf I usually win. versus zik I think I beat Zik pretty much all the time to but I lose a versus fosher All the time. Pepito Beats me a lot of time. So we all have our Nemesis and it's always the same people. Yeah, it's really fun.

Juke  18:47  
That's really interesting. I wonder like how, how much it has to do with like, your expectations and like how you play knowing that you always win 

Divi  18:59  
theres mind games of course because you need to select the decks.

Perf  19:03  
Maybe juke is going to be one of Divi's Nemesis too really yeah,

Divi  19:09  
first time you beat me so nowyou got a target on your head

Juke  19:18  
Yeah, well that's that's something that I was like really genuinely surprises that I did. Win a few matches it was a very intense I guess I guess experience because like I just was never expecting it to go well, you know, I was so anxious. I had like three pages of notes. But yeah, I had like three pages of notes, preparation, I spent, I don't work a lot right now. So I spent like a whole week playing like non stop getting ready. And like the I think one of the more anxious parts for me was to hop on discord with you guys which I almost never do. And especially for the those that I didn't know like, I knew I would be fine with Zik, I knew I would be fine with you. I knew that galas would be a troll. But like the strangers, meaning like the guys that I've never met that like just happened to be from that Facebook group. Like I was just like, I don't know who the How the fuck they're gonna be and how they react. And they were so there's a guy named broccoli. Yeah.

Perf  20:25  
I think One of them is a stoner two's I guess it helped in the dynamics.

Juke  20:30  
I'm guessing it's broccoli.

Divi  20:33  
 I don't know 

Juke  20:34  
because broccoli is like the term we use when we were like on my old job, that's what we said, I'm gonna go steam some broccoli. 

Perf  20:39  
I never heard that one before

Divi  20:43  
me neither

Juke  20:45  
Maybe it was just like that job that we said that 

Perf  20:48  
I want to steam some broccoli. 

Juke  20:51  
Talking about the anxieties about discord not only did I have notes, like three pages of notes, but I was like pre planning in my head. How to be on discord. Like I was planning like, Okay, I'm gonna have to mute myself during my games, because I make I like sing while I play, I make noise when I was like, I don't want to bother them. And then I was like, I have to mute myself. And I remember one one of my games, I think it was against broccoli or pepito or pichepoche something that where I was singsonging and I wasn't muted. He's like, oh, What song are you listening to? And then I look at my phone, and I'm like, I'm slut.

Divi  21:29  
you asked i aswered ahhha

Juke  21:32  
So it was a fun moment. And I think I was I was surprised because the times that I forgot to mute myself, and I was like, oh, oops, sorry, because I was singing. And the guys were often like, Oh, please,  the guys do worse than that on chat, you know, or the guys say, way worse than you  But yeah, everybody was super reassuring and like, chill. Like, when I played against fosher..Fosher was the person that was the most anxious anxious to play. Because the first time that I had watched a tournament fosher, like wrecked everyone, but like really wrecked, like, he had a lot of 2-0s and like, just like just be haven't lost like a single match that tournament or something for I was just like, What are you? Yeah, so I was so anxious to play against him. I was like, Oh, my God, I'm gonna get rigged. You

Perf  22:25  
know, you said two-0s I just want to point out that it was best of threes for every match. So the winner to win two games out of three wins.

Juke  22:37  
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I should. I should have clarified that.

Perf  22:41  
 That's why I did it. 

Juke  22:42  
But yeah, so when I when I won my first game against Fosher. I was like, Oh, my God, my heart's beating so fast, you know, and he just laughed. You know, it wasn't like he wasn't pissed that I won or whatever. And because for me, he was like this. This pro in my mind. I expected him to be like, a little colder. Yeah, it's been less friendlier for some reason. Yeah.

Divi  23:04  
They were when they first participated. But now they're our friends there.

Juke  23:09  
I can  Imagine. I guess you kind of shy to.

Divi  23:12  
Yeah, of course at some I was expecting that. But now they're super easygoing. Yeah. And it's funny because fosher that you you were afraid because you You wrecked everyone at his first participation. But the last one that you're participating in he was the last Yeah, dead last.

Juke  23:29  
Yeah. Literally. Well, I think I've told you this already. But the one I want against fosher because I did end up winning my best of three against fosher. I fell off my chair, like proof came to see me and I literally slid off my chair because I could not believe it. Again, especially because he was the person that I was like, oh, like, he's gonna wreck me. Like, I'm gonna look like a fool. You know, I was so like, Oh my God. And I kept saying like, after that, because I had won like four of my matches or something like that. I was like, I can never come back to a thc this if this went too well, I can never go back 

Divi  24:01  
no no no you have to i want to beat you. 

Perf  24:04  
your Coming to the next 

Divi  24:07  
its not your choice.

Perf  24:09  
I'm curious. We know how you felt before and after your matches. But how were you feeling during your matches during the games?

Juke  24:20  
I think it was easier than I thought to be in like the flow of like the moment which I thought I thought it was going to be harder for me to stay stay focused because of the anxiety and the fucking rope. But I think that the week of playing helped, and I studied like I studied I make notes I I analyzed you guys's decks and pre planned which ones I was gonna ban and, like, all that shenanigans, so that really helped me because I could go back in my notes. If ever I was like, questioning like All like if I hadn't decided in advance who the ban and stuff like that I think it would have been a lot harder for me because the Mulligans I would be constantly second guessing myself and the anxieties of deciding what to band and having to make sure I cross reference the information to not miss it out. All of that would have would have really heavily impacted my my game. My games like my state during the games.

Perf  25:27  
I'm just going to clarify right now that Mulligans means the starting hand your adult you can decide to roll them back into your deck and have different cards because

Divi  25:38  
specific ones not all your hand

Perf  25:41  
Yeah. And that was that was for Mulligan and bans is that you for the tournament, you have to bring four different decks and you get to ban one from your opponnent And the opponent obviously bans one of yours too.

Divi  26:00  
Yeah. And Mulligan is a is a term borrowed from golf. And golf. It's a it's an official term. And it's it's a simillar I think it's when you hit a ball, you can do it again, if it's not as you wish. I'm not sure about maybe guigui would have a better answer. but it's a similar thing, you can redo something. 

Juke  26:27  
I have a theory that that term comes from Hercules Mulligan in the American Revolution. But I'm not sure Hercules Mulligan was like a double agent. He was like a spy in the English army or something. He was like spying for the Americans. So I'm like in my mind, I'm like, how could it not be but like Mulligan is such a weird word. How can you not come from Hercules Mulligan?

Perf  26:50  
You're losing me there? I don't know 

Juke  26:54  
what? I made you watch Hamilton. hercules mulligan when you knock me down? I get the fuck back up again. 

Perf  27:00  
yeah, but I cant say i remember.

Juke  27:04  
Fine. Well, he's cool. Well, in the musical high school, I don't know about history. I only know musicals.

But yeah, in state in my state in games, I think I was calmer than I thought it would be. And then as soon as things were going, well, then I was panicking. Because like things are going good. And I was like, and like I filmed most of my games, almost all of my games I filmed and you can really see the moments where like, I realized that I am very likely going to win this. And then you can see me be like, oouuffff

Perf  27:36  
Yeah, all your gestures and it looks like you're praying. Yeah.

Juke  27:43  
You're gonna check my pulse. Yeah, just because not because I'm worried about my heart or anything just because I have a feeling my heart's beating fast. 

Perf  27:52  
it was Cuz I touch your chest after your game with fosher

Juke  27:56  
Yeah, after fosher my heart was beating pretty hard. 

Perf  28:00  
Can you feel the rush my love?

Juke  28:02  
But something that I was expecting, I guess because since I played so much in the week before the THC, I felt myself becoming like kind of tired of playing. Because I had like, crammed so hard. And I kind of expected that would be kind of over heartstone after the THC, in a sense of like, I'm, I'm that type of person. Like if I really like a certain food, I'm going to like eat it every day for like, a long time. And then I'm not going to eat it again for like months and months a month. So I figured heartstone would be a bit like that for me. But um, but like, I noticed that I still kept clearing like I still try to do my daily quests more now than before. And I never really cared that much about my daily quests. But now I'm like, Oh, I do them. And we do battlegrounds, which helps like we we diversify, because there are other modes modes, which was a question I had for you when you said that like once the meta is like settled you kind of over it until the meta changes. You don't really play the other modes Do you?

Divi  29:06  
Really like, rarely its not because it's bad mode because it's obviously really popular. But I personally don't like it. I like the original heartstone because all the other modes are added over time. All those modes, only arena was there the beginning arenas is another mode. There was battleground arena duels. Yeah, and I think that's it

Juke  29:33  
 the standard 

Divi  29:34  
the standard. I was always a standard player from the Beginning. arena I only did few when I started playing. I play other games when the mid I settled and I'm tired of the middle. I think I did like three battlegrounds in the last two months. Like it's not something I do a lot. So you enjoy your tournament?

Juke  29:59  
Yeah, I did. I enjoyed it. I was surprised and I was I was honest, honestly, like, the big part of the enjoyment was like, like the greeting. Like you guys that like, you guys were surprised at how well I was doing and vocal about it, you didn't just like, talk to each other about like, oh, wow, Juke's doing well, like you guys are like yo juke you're doing good, you know, and, and there's a lot of like positive reinforcement in that group of people like not that you're actively being like, Oh, I'm gonna do positive reinforcement. You're just generally positive people. So it's like a really nice ambiance and

Perf  30:41  
yeah, the dynamic is very cool between all the players. 

Divi  30:44  
There was no salt either. i never saw one mere one insult or like your rage quit, uh one rage quit 

Juke  30:53  
which was like a last minute join also

Divi  30:55  
Oh, yeah, exactly. but like It's really friendly. Yeah, nobody's mad nobody's salty. Salty is an expression.

Perf  31:03  
Im gonna have to define this one

Juke  31:05  
Salty is commonly used though. But you can define it anyways. I think it's valuable to define because moms might not understand what it is. But I but for like in pop culture and stuff like that, like throwing shade and being salty is like common common terms. But I would like you to define it anyways.

Perf  31:25  
 I was just going to say that if you lose again repeatedly against let's say the same oponnent or something didn't go...

Divi  31:33  
 are you salty with me perf? 

Perf  31:36  
Yes, I'm getting pretty salty with you. Anyways, so yeah, it's a general feeling of um 

Divi  31:46  

Perf  31:49  
himalayan salt  all the way. im lacking words over here

Juke  31:55  
it's like, not resentment, but like, almost it's like the resentments love child? 

Perf  32:02  
its being pissed Actually,

Divi  32:03  
 yeah, I think Yeah. is too drained. Yeah. angry. It's a mix of all. 

Perf  32:13  
Fun mix of all these negative emotions

Juke  32:16  
from what I gather from how people use salty. It's not like an intense emotion.more of a casual emotion.

Divi  32:23  
Yeah, it's like a state of mind use of like, your I don't know the term. It's like, standby. You're just not happy. If something else happened? You will react impulsively, I would say but if nothing happens, you're just gonna be calm and mad. Yeah. So like irritated a little. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it is clearly part of it. Yeah, rage quit is the opposite. It's like saltiness to the extreme. Like you're mad, you're slam your keyboard. Rage, like you're enraged. This is the last thing before you need to stop playing.

Perf  33:06  
I had another question for you. Do you have any tips for anyone that's new, that would like to start a tournament of like the thc?

Juke  33:21  
Oh, yeah, I would say, if you're like me, and you were anxious about the whole discord thing, you just have to do it. Like, go for it, you'll like eventually, that's just something you just have to jump in. But it's about the anxieties of like just joining a tournament that the geek sheet like my notes, what I call my geek sheets is is what made it possible  That's the only way I can play Dota with perf is My Geek sheet. It's like, I write down like, when I have this much gold, I have to buy this when I have this much gold, I have to buy this in this order. And and if I play this character, I choose this lane, when I play dota. So with the heartstone, it was about people's decks and what I needed to Mulligan and when I need to ban and and just pre writing all that out, made it so that I didn't it didn't have to have real estate in my brain. And I really did consult my notes. And that's what made it possible. I don't think I would have I don't think I would have done the tournament if I didn't think of like if I didn't have that that release of anxiety of having my notes and having been able to put all that like brain clutter down on paper is what made it doable. And I think, for me, for a lot of games, having the notes is what's going to make it possible for me to play like other than Borderlands, which is pretty straightforward. Like any other game, like if I were to play hots, if I were to try to play hots again, I would have like now that I know to make geek sheets and how well I function with them. Like that's my go to. And that's what makes it really possible. So I think it's just a not, don't be scared to look like a nerd like they're all nerds. 

Perf  35:00  
Yeah, that's a good good beginning. 

Juke  35:02  
But I think is when you're a noob, you're kind of afraid to look like, you know, we're always, you know, as much as people don't care what people think of them. everybody cares. You know, everybody gets that anxiety of like, oh, what are they gonna think? And then especially when you're a noob joining the space of non noobs. And I would also like vet the people you're joining, meaning like, vetting someone who's like reading or researching, but like, 

Divi  35:26  

Juke  35:27  
Yeah, like, like, had I not known, you guys? I would have like, snooped around to see like, Okay, do they look chill, like on their Facebook page? Are they raging all the time? Or are they just sharing funny stuff, you know, they're just sharing funny stuff, they're people that I probably will have a good time to do. But if on their Facebook or their Instagrams are constantly raging, then I'd be too anxious to join, you know,

Perf  35:50  
so tips, good preparation and full blown psychoanalysis of the whole team

Juke  35:56  
i wouldnt say full blown analysis. But I would say like, there are some of perfs friends that do make me more anxious, and them not being there made it was one of the main reasons I did join the tournament. Like I did speak about that to divi as well like that certain people not being in that tournament made it possible for me to move past my anxiety of the social anxiety part of the tournament, as much as I love those people in everyday life, just being in a competitive setting with those people made me anxious. 

Divi  36:25  
yeah its a  change the dynamics. 

Juke  36:27  
Yeah. And something I wanted to talk about, but that has nothing to do with your question. Because in last episode, we mentioned my first win was against divi. And I, I wasn't unmute and I went holy shit when I won against divi. And then I felt so bad. Because I didn't because I've never, I'm not someone who plays a lot of competitive stuff. So I'm not someone who wins or loses a lot, though. I know, I'm not a sore loser. Because I'd never like my family's a very casual, like, in games and stuff like that. But I never, I never really analyze how I am when I win. And then I don't think I was really bragging about it. I was just surprised that I won. But then I was like, that's kind of rude to react that way. Because then it's like, I didn't want you to feel like I was like saying like, Oh, I am surprised you lost. They got that sounds weird to say like to say, if like if I were to say the word and say, I'm surprised you lost. That's fucking rude. So when I wemt like, holy shit, it was really like a moment of like, my brain was like, I cannot believe I won against divi  Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my god. I but like so stuff like that, where I was, like, I'm muting myself did make me more comfortable. And the moments where I didn't mute myself and I said stuff, then I was like, overly anxious about it. Because I'm an anxious person. I'm an over thinker. But I also think like, like, my first loss was my first game. And it was against perf. And I expected to lose, I expected to lose every game I played. But then after perf, I won every game that week. And then when everybody was preparing for the second week, everybody was talking about like, oh, if juke wins, this many points could win. Oh, my God, you know, everybody, every, every time there's a new person, they end up winning the tournament or blah, blah. So then that anxiety was also something of like, I I've never had that. Like, I've never had a winning streak in my life, because I've never competed in anything really, like I've had minor competitions. But I've always been too anxious to compete in anything ever. So like knowing how to handle a winning streak, or a losing streak, like that. Something that I think is, I don't think its something a noob could be prepared for on their first tournament. Like it's if it's something you've never lived before. Like, that's just something you got to learn along the way. 

Perf  38:51  
You got to experience it. There's no way around. 

Juke  38:53  
Yeah, exactly. But that was interesting for me, because I kept being like, Yo, I'm not gonna win this tournament, cuz I knew I was going to win the tournament. But then 

Divi  39:00  
you we're close. 

Juke  39:01  
Yeah, well, things are going well. But then my first loss like was the coming back on the second weekend and losing more. I wasn't as disappointed as I thought it would be. Because I was, I wasn't expecting to win. And it was going to too well, on my first week. And to be fair, like zik had been really nice about my my schedule on the first week. zik was really sweet about the fact that he put me only against people I knew on the first week and I thought that was I thought that was really nice of him. Like, 

Divi  39:31  
it was on purpose. 

Juke  39:31  
Yeah, it was very clearly on purpose. Like I was the first name on the list of schedules. I thought that was really like that was reassuring to be like, oh, like it was a reminder of like, this is a friendly competition. seeing that and seeing like, Oh yeah, like these guys are chill people. And so I guess a good tip for like a noob joining a tournament tournament would be like start with friendly tournaments because and actually friendly people Cuz I I've said it in like, episode one maybe of the podcast like we do talk about a lot of the positives of gaming, but it is true that there is toxicity in the gaming world, especially for women or for LGBT people like it's out there and it is true. So I would say like, really choose choose your group you know, if you're, if you're gonna try to do something that's gonna make you anxious.

Divi  40:25  
The toxicity is mainly in like online rank games Like you with strangers. Yeah, but if there's toxicity into the friendly tournament, leave your friends. Don't play with them.

Juke  40:38  
Yeah. And to be fair, like, if you know that some of your friends are so sore losers or bad winners. If you know that about someone, then either prepare yourself mentally for that. Or don't play. Know your limits, like talk to yourself and be like, Okay, what is my limit? And how much can I take before I say like, okay, fuck you hanging up? You know, 

Perf  41:00  
pretty good tips. 

Juke  41:02  
Oh, yeah, but what so what were you guys' his impressions of having because I don't think you guys ever really had a noob join you guys before you guys were always mostly always looking for people at your level?

Perf  41:14  
Well, for my part. Well, we've, we've been training together for almost a year now. So I have been working towards this very tournament for a while. But you've impressed me with all your level of organization. And the notes, you've been preparing your studying of the grids I showed you. I showed you a few websites for information and reference. But I didn't think you would go again by yourself. I really thought it was just because I was showing that to you. That you were "Yeah, I have a general idea of what this is. But I don't want to invest time in like, understanding what's in it." But you've done even after I showed you you've done a lot on your on your own to decipher what's good against what  and I think it paid off.

Juke  42:18  
 I'll say for that because perf's seen me I really hated making decks. For really, the first year of playing Hearthstone making a deck was like annoying to me. 

Divi  42:28  
its my favorite part 

Juke  42:28  
him too. He likes it but for me. But like for me, it was really annoying and perf was always making my decks for me. And he would literally go on hs replay a copy of deck and then fill in the blanks for me. It wasn't that hard. I just was tedious to me. And I think the fact that the fact that it wasn't, it wasn't just perf that  wanted me to join the tournament because there's many times I was like, oh, come come and I'm like, but his friends don't want his girlfriend there. You know that his friends just want to be between Bros. You know, but that's what my brain was. And then Devi giving me a rant and zik writing to me in zik. And I don't chat that much. So like Zik writing to me and saying like, yo, so I was like, okay, so I am welcome here

Perf  43:09  
and I had nothing to do with the other guys 

Juke  43:12  
Yeah, I did. I asked zik like did perf send you?

But so the fact that I felt like okay, I was welcomed. It wasn't just perf being like, oh, calm and like that was like, Okay, and then since I decided to dedicate myself because I felt like it was a safe space for me to join. Then I was like, okay, like pick yourself up gold of ashes replay make your fucking decks big grown up, you know, a little bitch. And I remember when we did when I did my decks then divi was like, you have good Decks like did perff help you and it was like I showed them where to go and they did it and you guys right? And I was like, Okay flattered. flattered my ego You know?

Divi  43:57  
And I'm not gonna like usually when you bring a noob to tournament with like, good players, it's usually a wreck. For the noob Yeah, but you were a threat. So it's it was beyond my expectation. Of course. 

Juke  44:12  
It was an ego boost  to see the guys be like, Oh,

Divi  44:15  
i was sure, you would win some games, maybe some best of three. But you managed to win like off of them. So that's really, really insane. 

Perf  44:25  
Yeah, I was impressed too.

Juke  44:27  
I was pretty proud of that. I think that motivated me to continue playing to it was like, okay, you know, like next time next THC. Maybe I could do better or maybe next thc have a beer and not fail. Instead of like being so stressed

Perf  44:42  
im pretty sure. Whatever happens, your level of anxiety is gonna be a lot. That's for sure.

Divi  44:49  
There's a point because it's for fun. So yeah, it's not supposed to be stressful

Juke  44:52  
and it was fun. I think especially meeting all the guys that I hadn't met yet. That also helped being like okay, this is chill

Perf  45:01  
Looking forward to see you in the next thc

Divi  45:04  
number 13. mid August

Juke  45:07  
13 is a lucky number in Italy. So it's my turn. I'm the only Italian and the gang it's my tournament. 

Divi  45:12  
We don't have a date but it's gonna be mid August so brace yourself 

Juke  45:16  

Divi  45:18  
not gonna be like really mid August because it's my birthday so I'm not gonna be playing heartstone on my birthday

Juke  45:27  
and this THC also fell during playoffs like towards the end some guys weren't even watching the finals because the playoffs were happening. I was like wow, hockey wins over Hearthstone now I know the priorities 

Perf  45:41  

Juke  45:43  
Well, I think we covered a lot of it. I think also for the we've covered a lot of terms that I didn't expect we would cover in this episode, but there's like Bo three, Mulligan and banning, salty, meta, so there's gonna be a lot in the gamer glossary. So gamer glossary is at we update the glossary with every episode perf is in charge of that. So thank god I don't have to do it.

Perf  46:10  
In charge of the writing. 

Juke  46:14  
Other than that, you can find us @GettingGamers on Twitter and Twitch. And you can find me at Juke_ish on Twitter, twitch, Instagram, mostly Instagram, and perfwhere can we find you

Perf  46:31  
know, I'm gonna go again with my twitch account which is perfected within l after the D

Juke  46:38  
So it'd be 

That's right. And it's going to be in the description. 

Divi  46:44  
I do not have any social media.

Juke  46:47  
 Sorry ladies, you don't get this.

Perf  46:52  
You want this guy by the way? 

Juke  46:53  
Yeah. All right, guys. GG, 

Perf  46:57  

Divi  47:05